Dear Visitor,
This webpage has been designed by me and is dedicated to those few thousands of people who endure the greatest difficulties and face all challenges in their effort to protect this nation and her skies. This webpage was made all by myself and have used all the skills that I do know in webpage-creation to make this page. I am grateful to the Tripod team to have let me put up these pages at their server ""
I am also thankful to the various websites, which showed pictures of various military aircrafts and other equipments. You can see the links of most of these sites and pages at my main page. I hope that you will like the pages that are to follow. You are all welcome to use these pictures for your own homepages, but are not allowed to use them for commercial purposes, since some of them hold copyrights.
However, they do not mind if I put up an acknowledgement that I had taken their pictures. Hence, I have listed them below.

Thanking you,
Kunal Khatua (India)

The Following companies and people listed below are the ones from whom I collected the pictures for this site! :-
1.Bharat Rakshak Organisation
2.Virtual Aircraft Museum
3.Russian Military Aircraft Museum
4.Kurt's Helicopter Page
5.Tripod HomePages Picture Gallery
6.Voodoo Picture Gallery
7.Yahoo Search Engine

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