Other Links

Other Links

Bharat Rakshak Bharat Rakshak

Official website dedicated to the Indian Armed Forces. They Truly have some good shots and a lot of information on even relatively secret groups, such as the National Security Group and the Indian counterparts of the American Navy SEALs!

Virtual Aircraft Museum Virtual Aircraft Museum

Many of my web page's pictures came from here. A highly organised web page, this is one place worth visiting, irrespective of whether you are searching for a country's planes or even one plane. 90 % chances are that you will find it here!

Kurt's Helicopter Page Kurt's Helicopter Page

An easy to follow directory on Helicopters, even to major manufacturers' web-sites and pages!

Russian Military Aircraft Museum Russian Military Aircraft Museum

If you are a die hard fan of Russian military, or wanna know more of their types of planes, this is one place to visit.

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